NZ Radio links

The following are a list of links to various stations around New Zealand.  

See the last two for a more extensive list and a list for streaming live radio.

Radio New Zealand        The Edge

Radio live                          The Rock

MaiFM                               Community Access

Plains FM                          FreeFM

The Breeze                       NewstalkZ

Iwi stations

NZ Radio Guide

Links for streaming live radio


Basic Radio Links

NZ Radio Industry News

From the Herald website, current stories about radio in NZ

BBC Academy

BBC website that covers the basics of Journalism and writing for radio as well as TV and online.  It is very “BBC” focussed but very worthwhile if you are looking for something specific. Also has a section on technology.

BBC Creating a radio package

High School Broadcast Journalism

A site that is packed with lessons and ideas for creating radio.  USA focussed, aimed at giving minorities and at risk students a voice.


Website that has lots of hints on how to create  better spots, ads etc.

NZ Broadcasting School

Hosting a radio show

School radio examples

Villa Maria Canada 

Podcast examples